Tropical Talk: Artist Reyna Noriega on Miami, Hispanic Heritage Month & a New Self-Care Collab

To say Afro-Caribbean Latina artist Reyna Noriega has arrived would be an understatement. No stranger to seeing her artwork in the spotlight – renowned for its signature vibrancy and celebratory empowerment of women of color – the Miami native’s designs have graced prestigious magazine covers, Napa wine releases and size-inclusive swimwear brands. Now, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th – October 15th), Noriega’s vivid artwork can be seen splashed across a limited-edition Schick Intuition razor no doubt making its way into countless homes across the country.

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The collaboration marks Noriega’s first with a self-care brand, and goes far beyond the razor. The design – a whimsical scene of color, tropical flora and two silhouettes of intentionally faceless women – is an uplifting homage to the soulfulness and diversity of Latino heritage.

I always aim to celebrate and highlight women of color in my work, so the [razor] art is an ode to our beauty and resilience while glorifying our ability to remain soft.

Reyna Noriega, as told to Under the Palm

The collaboration is an evocative celebration of culture, bringing a piece of Latino essence into daily self-care while empowering all women to embrace their distinctive beauty. Consider the often-tedious ritual of shaving effectively elevated.

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Schick Intuition Limited Edition Women's Shaving Razor Designed by Artist Reyna Noriega
Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega / Photo courtesy of Schick Intuition

Schick Intuition x Reyna Noriega’s limited-edition Sensitive Care razor (read: built-in moisturizing bar, organic aloe and a 4-blade head that happens to pivot) can be purchased exclusively at Target stores nationwide and at, while supplies last.

Ahead, we caught up with the trailblazing creative on Afro-Latina roots, accessible art and self-care rituals, plus! Reyna’s top five Miami art museums, which tropical destinations are on her hit list and where can we look for her artwork next?

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Miami Artist Reyna Noriega
Reyna Noriega / Photo courtesy of Schick Intuition
You’ve done several collaborations, though this is the first with a self-care brand. What about collaborating with Schick Intuition spoke to you most? 

I was excited about this collaboration because shaving can be one of the more tedious self-care processes. It can be messy; I’ve dealt with bumps, irritation, you name it. Having tested the Schick Intuition product and loving it, and then knowing I would also be able to beautify it with my work and transform it into a positive self-care ritual and experience, was really exciting to me. 

Transcending self-care, your razor design speaks volumes to women in Hispanic communities. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the design? 

I always aim to celebrate and highlight women of color in my work, so the art is an ode to our beauty and resilience while glorifying our ability to remain soft. I think of us as flowers in bloom. When we are in environments that are safe and conducive to our growth, we can bloom. I wanted that to be reflected in the work. 

What does it mean to you to have your art available on such a ubiquitous and accessible household product? 

Another major part of my work is accessibility. Representation means nothing if my art is not accessible to my community. I love to see my work in galleries and prestigious places, but more rewarding than that is knowing I can bring a little light into my community and meet people where they are

What are the top 3 self-care rituals you never skip? 

I do a lot of mental self-care, like journaling and starting my days slowly and peacefully through meditation. Other than that, I make sure I get my beauty rest, at least seven hours, and maintain my skincare routine. 

You’re a Miami native; your father is Cuban, and your mother is Bahamian. How have these multicultural influences impacted your artistic choices and brand as a whole? 

It was so embedded in me that I didn’t realize that everything I am is a reflection of my culture. My use of vibrant colors, floral and tropical motifs, and reverence for the matriarch all tie back to my Caribbean and Latin heritage. 

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself as an artist? 

It shouldn’t be surprising because the same can be said about life in general, but I am enjoying relearning that I am in a constant state of evolution, and, therefore, my art will continue to evolve and take on new forms. 

Top 5 favorite art museums or galleries in Miami?
  1. Pérez Art Museum has a beautiful collection of artists from the African and Latin Diasporas.
  2. Grand Opening Gallery is one of the few galleries owned by minority Miami natives and features local talent. 
  3. Miami Art Society is a Latino-owned gallery featuring some of the most prolific Miami artists of our time. 
  4. The Bonnier Gallery is always telling unique stories through its curations. 
  5. The Rubell Museum has an amazing collection. 
If you could pack up and go to any tropical destination in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Before I go anywhere, I want to learn more about my roots, so Cuba is at the top of my list. Puerto Rico and Jamaica are also on my list. 

If you could invite any 3 people in the world (past or present) to a dinner party, the guest list would read: 

I would love to be in a room with artists that have changed art over the course of history: Basquiat, Frida Kahlo and Dalí.

Poolside or Beachside? 

Beachside, for sure.

Sunrise or sunset? 


What’s next? Any future projects coming up you’re able to share? 

We are currently getting ready for Art Basel Miami Beach. I will have tons of new work on display this year, so look out for that.