Las Catalinas, Costa Rica Joins Walk for the World: a Live Walking Meditation Descending Worldwide this September

Walk for the World is descending worldwide this September: here’s how to join in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica and more international locations.

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Las Catalinas

Last updated: September 2023 / Feature image: courtesy of Las Catalinas

Walk for the World: a Global Collective

Taking the art of meditation to an entirely new level, Walk for the World is descending worldwide this September 23rd, 2023 at 10am EDT. The global event is the first of its kind, uniting people across countries and cultures in a guided, 50 minute walking meditation led by Dr. Joe Dispenza: New York Times Bestselling Author and researcher of epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroscience with a special focus on the effects of meditation on the brain and body.

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Walk for the World 2023: Walking Meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Photo courtesy of Walk for the World

The active experience is designed for participants of all fitness and meditation levels. A combination of standing and gentle walking are paired with the transformative guidance of Dr. Joe, via a pre-recorded, completely free meditation being released for download two days prior to the walk. By the end of the experience, participants can expect feelings of reduced stress, an overall sense of calm and boosted endorphins, among other wellness benefits.

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Las Catalinas, Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Las Catalinas
Walk for the World: Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

While Dr. Joe will be leading the meditation physically from his Week Long Advanced Retreat in Marco Island, Florida, thousands more will be joining from locations all around the world. One such location is Las Catalinas: a picturesque, car-free hideaway hugging the Gold Coast of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province.

Founded in 2005 as a planned community influenced by the eco-minded concept of New Urbanism, the seaside enclave is a fitting location for the upcoming meditative amble. Highly walkable streets, trails and public spaces are interlaced with nature, while the town’s architecture – taking cues from Mediterranean seaside villages in addition to the colorful colonial towns of Antigua, Guatemala and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – emphasize indoor-outdoor living and scenic views. Rooted in wellbeing, it should come as no surprise that Las Catalinas also happens to be situated amidst Costa Rica’s famed Nicoya Peninsula – one of just five original Blue Zones in the world.

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Las Catalinas, Costa Rica
Photo courtesy of Las Catalinas

On September 23rd, the newly launched Well-Living at Las Catalinas initiative will host the Walk for the World meditation through a planned walking circuit, followed by an integration ceremony at the town’s wellness gathering hub, Center of Joy. Both events are free of charge and open to the public. To join, contact Las Catalinas here and be sure to pre-register for Walk for the World here.

Following Walk for the World, Well-Living at Las Catalinas will continue to offer self-guided meditation and integration experiences to visitors and residents alike. Such curated meditation circuits include the lush walking experience of Forest Immersion and Forest Bathing, the mellow Walk to Inner Peace trail and Journey to Expansion, a multi-landscape route encouraging contemplation from various perspectives.